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Self contained solution: all you need in a mixing room
  • Compact split cabinet solution (2+1m), just 1 single power plug
  • 80 storage spaces for tinters + 13 positions in dispensing rack
  • 1 scale + TOUCHMIX® Express computer + Label printer + RAPIDMATCH™ Go spectro


Bottle scanning system: the error proof solution
  • Barcode scanner: each tinter is verified before the dispensing to ensure the correct bottle has been loaded.
  • Enables the user to load bottles in any sequence


Semi-automatic dispenser: how it works?
    1. PaintManager XI:             Displays Formula 
    2. User:                    Load products in dispensing rack
    3. MoonWalk:         Check products with barcode
    4. MoonWalk:         Dispense the amount automatically
    5. MoonWalk:         Communicate results to PaintManager XI
Dispensing group: the heart of the machine
  • 80+ tinters have a dedicated pumping group, designed to fit PPG standard bottles only
  • Include all the dispensing components


Dispensing rack: a “Ready to Spray” mix in one click
  • 13 positions: 10 tinters + 1 additive + 1 thinner + 1 free
  • Rack to be loaded before and locked during dispensing
  • Easy to clean components, drop catchers.


Ultra precise moving scale: simple and effective solution
  • 01 gr precision 2.2 Kg scale, 10 times more precise than standard scale
  • Scale rack moves under each dispensing group and activates the pump
  • 1motor for valve opening and closing + 1 motor for activating the pump



Fully integrated with existing PPG digital ecoSystem
  • PAINTMANAGER® XI, COLLISION SERVICES®, RapidMatch GO, MoonWalk Smart Software
  • Additionally: Vantage Point connection + Customer Data Utilization + Teleservice from PPG & from COROB, Collision Services Analytics, KPI’s and ultimately automatic replenishment


Smart on board software
  • Intuitive user interface to minimize user interaction
  • Smart use, multiple options: simple default modes for basic users or highly flexible and configurable for advanced users
  • Auto adaptive tinter calibration, warning on bottle levels
  • Smart software enables re-use of loaded bottles
  • Receive formulas from & communicate results to PaintManager XI